AfterMath of the European elections

As the last event of this season’s European Café series within CEID’s ‘Vote for Europe!’ campaign, we organized a panel discussion assessing the results and of the European elections and their possible implications with Mr Roland Freudenstein (Martens Center, Brussels) and Mr Gergely Polner (Hanbury Strategies, UK). Ms Edit Inotai, senior fellow of CEID moderated the event held at Budapest’s Európa Pont, the Hungarian EP Liaison Office.

The invited experts expressed their views on the directions Europe can take in the wake of the election results, what Fidesz’s fate might be inside the EPP having been one of the most successful parties in the group, what role Central Europe can play when it comes to EU top jobs, and also, what the markets might react to the different scenarios stemming from the seemingly difficult coalition building attempts.

You can watch the live coverage of the discussion on our Facebook page.


This event was held within the frameworks of CEID’s European Café series with the financial support of the European Parliament.

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Dániel Varga