Dániel Bartha to Hospodarske Noviny on the 100th anniversary of Trianon

CEID director Dániel Bartha contributed to Hospodarske Noviny’s piece on the Trianon trauma.

He explained that “although interpretation of the impacts of Trianon might be different among political groups, the shock of Trianon can be still expereinced in the Hungarian society. Almost everybody has close relatives born in territories outside of the current borders of Hungary. Every family has some personal stories ranging from negative discrimination through confiscations to physical insults, some of them very recent”.

Mr Bartha added that though reconciliation is slowly progressing with some of our neighbours, and situation differs in every country, “they make sure to open wounds time to time”, which does not advance the positive healing process that would be essential in the Carpathian basin.

The whole article can be read on Hospodarske Noviny’s website.



Dániel Varga