Happy Birthday, NATO, but please, don’t kill the party!

Dániel Bartha, director of CEID, authored an article on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NATO in Balkan Insight, which also served as a pre-study for our Euro-Atlantic Café event titled ‘The State of the Alliance’.

We can blame the United States for not having a reliable and predictable foreign policy, but are Europeans more consistent? 

[..] “While many worried when Trump threatened everybody with yet another reset policy with Russia, US commitment and support have further increased, and European leaders took him more seriously than US President Obama when they planned their defence budget. So what went wrong?

An easy answer is [..] that in the past 70 years, Europeans have known that, no matter who is in power, America’s foreign policy and strategic priorities will be consistent. Today everybody questions that.

While many find Macron’s “brain dead” wording unfortunate, they agree with him that Europe needs more foreign policy independence.”


(6 December, 2019)

Dániel Varga