Euro-Atlantic Café

Since 2015 the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) is organizing a series of discussions on transatlantic issues in the framework of our new project Euro-Atlantic Café.  The project is supported by the Embassy of the United States to Hungary. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the US and the Hungarian interpretations and perceptions of current events. Open discussions about foreign policy and security issues are unfortunately rather rare in Hungary, and our foundation, CEID would like to fill this gap.

We invite US speakers on selected topics to debate with Hungarian counterparts in regular intervals. The discussions are open to the public and media (although we require prior registration). At the end of each session the audience has the opportunity to raise questions.  A short summary of each session is published online.

Euro-Atlantic Café 2015/16:

Euro-Atlantic Café Budapest: Summary of the first event with Mr. John Shattuck and Mr. János Martonyi is available here.

Euro-Atlantic Café Eger: Summary of the second event with Mr. Géza Jeszenszky and Mr. András Dékány is available here.

Geopolitical Challenges of Europe: Summary of the third event with Mr. George Friedman, Ms. Janne Haaland Matláry and Prof. István Gyarmati is available here.

Környezetvédelem a 21. Században: Kellenek-e a Zöld Pártok? Debrecen, fourth event with Mr. Zoltán Illés and Mr. R. Benedek Sallai.

ISIL – Radicalization is the Main Problem: Summary of the fifth event with Gen. John Allen and Mr. Péter Siklósi is available here.

Reporters in War: Can the Media Influence Foreign Policy? Summary of the sixth event with Ms. Nicole Tung and Mr. Bálint Szlankó is available here.

Migration: Is our Identity at Risk? Summary of the seventh event with Ms. Nancy Foner and Mr. Gergely Prőhle is available here.

Euro-Atlantic Café Pécs: Summary on the eight event with Mr. Géza Jeszenszky and Mr. István Gyarmati  is available here.

The Sanders and the Trump Phenomena: Summary of the ninth event with Ms. Kelly Gibson and Mr. Tamás Magyarics is available here.

Can we Re-energize our Partnership? Summary of the tenth event with Mr. Matthew Bryza and Mr. Zsolt Németh is available here.

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Euro-Atlantic Café 2016/17:

Clinton vagy Trump: Egy Sorsdöntő Választás? Eger, summary of the 11th event with Júlia Lakatos, Anita Kőműves and Zsuzsanna Szelényi is available here.

US Presidential Election: The Day After: Summary of the 12th event with H.E. Colleen Bell and H. E. György Szapáry is available here.

Homeland Security and Counterterrorism: Summary of the 13th event with Prof. Nathan Sales and Prof. Ferenc Bánfi is available here.

Understanding the Trump Administration: Summary of the 14th event with Mr. Daniel Lippman, Mr. Christopher Malagisi and Ms. Anna Smith Lacey is available here.

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Euro-Atlantic Café 2019/20:

The State of the Alliance: Summary of the 15th event with H.E. Dan Fried, Mr. Damon Wilson, Mr. Benjamin Haddad and Mr. Márton Ugrósdy is available here.

Transatlantic Relations in the Presidential Election: Summary of the 16th, and first online event with John Glenn and Dávid Korányi is available here.

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