European Café in Eger

On 9th March Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) organised a roundtable discussion in Eger in cooperation with ERSTE Foundation, National Cooperation Fund (NEA) and, in this case, Agria Universitas Association in Eger with the title of “Security Policy Challenges in the 21st Century: What could be the main threats to Hungary?”.

Our guests were:

Gergely Császár Simon, Member of LMP,
Dr. Ferenc Bánfi, Security Policy expert, former Director of CEPOL and
Dániel Bartha, Director of CEID.

During the lively and fruitful discussion we tried to focus on the possible security threats for Hungary in the near future. Our panelists identified the main points, such as migration and its consequences, Russion propaganda and attempts to influence in the region and finally the global security trends.

Further photos of the event are available via our flickr account.

Noémi Matis