The European Café series is back!

2024 will be a crucial year: besides the European elections, Hungary will celebrate 20 years of EU membership and will also hold the EU’s rotating presidency from July 2024. Relying on the success of the previous European Café event series, we are relaunching it. We aim to discuss European politics in an informative and pragmatic way, bridging the gap between ideologies, and offering a forum of civilized debate across the party lines. We believe that Hungary is at a crossroads: it is our responsibility now to bring together foreign policy experts, including government officials, with whom we will try to work out alternative strategies for the government and offer specific recommendations. Our mission is to avoid further isolation and to keep Hungary safely anchored in the EU.

CEID is planning 9 events in 2023 and 2024, out of 6 events will be dedicated to the Hungarian foreign policy community, focusing on the central question of “what’s next for Hungarian foreign policy”. The discussions will focus on specific topics, with a speaker invited from the government or the expert community, with a short kick-off and a lively discussion. A summary will be published after each session with clear foreign policy recommendations.

The remainder 3 events will follow our traditional European Café format: an international panel discussion with a minimum of three guests (two international, one Hungarian) discussing key issues on the European agenda in English, providing a platform for lively debate and contrasting positions in a civilised manner. These events will be live, open to the public and the media.

The European Café series is supported by the ERSTE Foundation.




Noémi Matis