Recent media appearances of CEID

Key experts of the CEID have been quite active recently. Our covered topics include the Russian agression in Ukraine and the connection between the Hungarian and Russian governments, the energy dependencies, V4 connectiona, European Union politics, including the deep analysis of the State of the Union speech and many more topics.

Just to highlight a few of the most important ones:

Our Reasearch fellow follows closely the Russian situation and gives her opinion to several media outlets from time to time. Like her recent podcast episode on Szabad Európa or on HVG.

Our External Fellow, András Lázár recently participated a round-table discussion on the relation of V4 countries and the Russian-Ukranian agression. See the summary here.

Board Member Edit Inotai followed up her work on EU relations with moderating the expert analysis of the State of the Union Speech in Európa Pont.

You can scroll the latest media apperances of CEID here.

Noémi Matis