V4 Supporting Economic Integration of Georgia and Moldova with the EU

The project aimed to create a platform which enabled the V4 countries to share their experiences about the process of economic integration in the EU with stakeholders in Georgia and Moldova.

The results of the projects are presented in the final reports. In the reports the experience of the Visegrad 4 (V4) countries in developing mechanisms of government-to-business cooperation during their EU accession process is illustrated. Based on the countries’ experience conclusions are drawn for Georgia and Moldova and identify the main priorities in the implementation process of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).

The project was executed with the following partners:

  • Foreign Policy Association of Moldova (APE)
  • Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies (GISS)
  • Foreign Policy Association of Moldova (FPA)
  • Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC)
  • demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy
  • EUROPEUM Institute of European Policy


The project was supported by


Stefanie Nestler