A View from Central Europe

scape-92603_1920In the framework of the “A view from Central Europe” a series of monthly publications is punlished. It provides a platform for foreign and EU policy experts, including young and up-coming thinkers, from the Visegrad Group region to reach an EU wide policy-focused audience. In the framework of “A view from Central Europe” CEID published several articles.

The  project itself aims to intensify the dialogue between the Visegrad countries and European opinion-makers on current challenges in the EU agenda with strategic implications for Central Europe.



The following articles were published in cooperation with CEID:

A View from Central Europe: What next for EU?

A View from Central Europe: NATO`s eastern expansion

A View from Central Europe: Will the EU deal with Turkey work?

A View from Central Europe: Should Visegrad leaders be concerned about growing fragmentation in Europe?


The project is supported by:



Stefanie Nestler